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Male Dominance Essay

  • Submitted by: fhamid
  • on October 16, 2012
  • Category: History
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Male Dominance
“Human Sexuality has been regulated and shaped by men to serve men’s needs.”   – Ana Castillo
It’s evident that despite all the change in society from past to present, male dominance hasn’t changed.   It isn’t that women aren’t capable of anything that men can do, but the truth is that   man has instil the idea in the women’s mind from the beginning of time, that her place is in the kitchen. The only reason for a man to imprint the whole concept in a woman’s head is for his own benefits. They’ve taken over the major aspects of strengths in life such as physical, economical and media strength.   A woman is beautiful and delicate creature who has the ability to create but with that amazing incentive comes with responsibilities. In a situation where a man or woman is attacked the most damage a male can be inflicted upon is mugged, beaten up or robbed. However for a woman it’s not just getting mugged, beaten up or robbed but additional to all that is getting rapped. This can not only physically scar her but also emotionally scar a woman that a man is unlikely to face.   The man used this as an excuse to make a woman understand that she’s a fragile creature.   Furthermore, due to the idea instil in a woman to stay in the kitchen and take care of the house, which allowed the woman to be in no income and the man to grow and become successful in the working field. This made the woman depend on the man and made him the greater figure in society.   Not to mention, that not just the society but this idea became influential in the world of media. In movies, drama’s and further media sources made man the stronger character compare to the woman. Where the man would act and woman would appear. In conclusion, this is the reason how and where the man achieved his dominant position in society.

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