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Francis Bacon, a revered and respected philosopher, was very brilliant and influential in the modern day study of philosophy. One of his pieces, The Four Idols, is written very eloquently yet the message is very simple: there are sins and false idols that ruin individuals and thus the whole perception of the community. To understand the four idols of the, tribe, cave, market place, and theater may seem very simple but it is difficult to decipher and grasp the underlying meaning of each forum. Bacon presents his argument by briefing the four different idols and then going beyond the surface to explain the significance and impact of each forum. There are four idols or symbols that Bacon claims, hinder society and prevent humans from fulfilling their maximum potential. The Idol of the Tribe contains the natural weaknesses and shortcomings that are inevitable in human nature. For example, one of these may be the trait of envy. People will always be naturally envious of others and their success but must realize that we must evaluate these traits and contain them. The next is the Idol of the Cave. The human brain is like a cave, a cave that is empty but has the potential to be filled with wonderous knowledge. This is big power, but also a great responsibility because each person must be wise and responsible for what is stored in the cave. The Idols of the Marketplace reminds just how powerful and wrong words can be used. Words have multiple connotations and denotations, and it is very important for a person (with the ability to speak), to use these words wisely and appropriately. A lot of problems that occur in the world result from a lack in communication. Lastly, the last Idol is the Theater. Many people believe that they are right and own a concept. These concepts and teachings are being taught to younger generations and thus creating disallusion to the public. The

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