Malcom X And Fredrick Douglass Essay

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Rated R Professor Faulkner-Springfield English 1110.01 15 April 2010 Same Struggle Different Viewpoints Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass were both prominent leads during their time, even though they had different views of the world. Speaking for African American rights, the oppression of white society and how things should change for the better was both an issue for Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass, yet they went about it to very different ways. Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey later known as Frederick was born into slavery yet, he did not let that stop him from voicing his views about the treatment of black people and doing better for himself. As his mistress tried to teach him the alphabet, her husband found out and forbade her to ever teach him again. To cope with not being able to learn from the mistress he found neighborhood boys to teach him. Around the age of fifth teen, he returned to Eastern Shore where he became a “field hand”. He was a slave, who later was introduced to slave breaker Edward Covey who he challenged and was victorious and restored his-self worth. He successfully escaped from slavery and went to Bedford, Massachusetts. There he attended an antislavery meeting and became a lecturer for the Anti-slavery Society, speaker and writer. Douglass also was a defender of women’s rights. He was a trusted advisor to Abraham Lincoln, United States Marshal for the District of Columbia, Recorder of Deeds for Washington, D.C., and Minister-General to the Republic of Haiti. He lived by three important phrases as follows: * Believe in yourself * Take advantage of every opportunity * Use the power of spoken and written languages to effect positive change for yourself and society. Just like Douglass, Malcolm also had strong beliefs in African Americans. Malcolm X had a hustler mentality at a young age that led him to prison life and

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