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“Malcolm X.” Discuss. Malcolm X was born in 1925 as Malcolm Little. He was a militant of Black Nationalist leader. He was inclined to lead marches and confronting the forces of law. He started the essay by telling the world that he became literate because of his prison time’s studies and not because he attended college. Malcolm became aware of his illiterate state in Charlestown Prison where he met Bimbi who had a stock of knowledge. He became jealous; he wanted to be like Bimbi. He wanted to be able to read and understand what he was reading, not to feel that the book might have been written in Chinese. A strong will and desire to read became his inspiration; if “Bimbi could do it, why can’t I”, said Malcolm. He explained with pride how he started to educate himself by copying and memorizing all the words in the dictionary. Every day, Malcolm was learning new words, history events, people and places, names of animals. Words that he did not know excited him. He became fascinated and even more curious and eager to explore this new world that was opening to him. For the writer, the dictionary was like a miniature encyclopedia. Malcolm also wrote on the essay one of the words and its definition that he learned on the first page of the dictionary “aardvark”, page 579. He even described with excitement and passion what an animal looked like, based on the picture in the dictionary. He believed he wrote a million words. His hand writing was faster and had improved from writing every day. He started to understand what the book was saying. A new world was open for him. The writer had a great feeling of accomplishment. He kept himself busy learning to a point where he did not even think he was in prison. He wrote “I never had been so truly free in my life”, page 580. What Malcolm meant here is that he was so deeply engaged and dedicated his time to reading, he felt wholly

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