Malcolm X's Writing Style

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Malcolm X was an articulate hustler in the streets. He was very popular when he was speaking but very frustrated with himself when it came to writing what he talked about. His biggest problem was his hillbilly language, Malcolm always used slang words, and knew if he would write the same way he spoke then no one would be able to read or understand what he was talking about. Malcolm was a very good speaker, people who heard him speak would be in shock when finding out he only had an eighth grade education, not knowing how much he had taught himself in prison. In the Charlestown Prison a man named Bimbi made Malcolm realize his knowledge. When Bimbi spoke he took charge in the conversation and Malcolm tried following in his footsteps; although Malcolm himself wasn’t a very good reader he would still get books and read the words he was familiar with and skip the words he didn’t know or understand. When Malcolm moved to the Norfolk Prison Colony he started looking up unknown words in the dictionary. While looking up the words he figured he would read the dictionary to get familiar with other words he misunderstood. Malcolm didn’t have very good writing skills he was even unable to write in a…show more content…
The anteater would catch its food with its tongue and so would the aardvark. Malcolm was very amazed of how the dictionary taught him the words that he decided to write the whole book page for page even down to the punctuation. When he would finish a page he would read it back aloud to himself. He thought the dictionary was sort of like the encyclopedia because not only did he learn words but he learned about people and places as well. When he was finished with writing the whole dictionary he had realized he had written around a million words and even read them all aloud to
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