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Courageous Malcolm X “I am not educated, nor am I an expert in any particular field… but I am sincere, and my sincerity is my credential.” Malcolm X, an African American man, was born on May 19, 1925 at the University Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska. He was an immensely essential figure in American history because he was an advocate for freedom and equality. He also stood for the religion of Islam and he was exceptionally sincere. Malcolm X is a courageous figure for Black History because he was sincere to his faith, he stood for human rights, and he was an advocate and a leader. Malcolm X was sincere to his faith and to his nation. According to, even while in his seven year period in prison, he acquired knowledge about the Muslim faith, and all the specifics of Islam. This dedication shows that he was exceptionally devoted to his newly found religion and he never wasted time that could be spent on the benefits of mankind. He started his own organization, the Muslim Mosque Inc., because his previous leader, Elijah Muhammad’s, leader and founder of the Nation of Islam (NOI), affairs. When Malcolm was faced with the test of his faith, the decision to stay with hypocrites and liars, or to walk away and truthfully influence others, he made the right…show more content…
He always brawled for Islam, human rights and equality, because he was Afro-American as well as Muslim. As an Afro-American man, he felt the immense urge to aid his people to prosper and strive. “Human rights are something you were born with; human rights are your God-given rights…” He believed as a person that human rights are not decided for you, they are your rights and there is no other way of saying it. When his house was bombed, his life and his family’s lives jeopardized, he didn't stop fighting until he was woefully silenced. He selflessly and relentlessly continued to fight, knowing future generations depended on his actions. His attributes don’t stop

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