Malcolm X Commerative Speech

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There is no mistake that I was chosen to give my commerative speech today. On this exact day in the year of 1963 Malcolm X converted from a worldly individual to a full fledge Nation of Islam member. Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925. A few weeks after his birth the Ku Klux Klan paid his family a visit. They planned on lynching his father Earl in front of their family. Louise the mother came out and told them he was away on business. The Klan was after Earl because he was an active minister at a local church. Fir the sake of his family they moved around a lot. Growing up Malcolm didn’t have much food so they got by off of friends or family. Malcolm was separated from his family and was often a problem child. By the time he was 20 he carried an arsenal of weapons due to his frantic fear of the police. He ended up going to Norfolk Penitentiary. While being in jail, his brother came to visit him. He didn’t have much to offer him but the nation of Islam. His brother told him Allah knew everything. He also instilled a phrase in him that Muslims believed “the black man is brainwashed and the white man is the devil’. Malcolm found himself wanting to know more about the Nation. As he learned more he located the leader of the Nation Elijah…show more content…
He realized that over there in the motherland how real Muslims were, and soon came to the realization that Elijah Muhammad wasn’t correct in his morals and teachings of the Islam nation. When he returned he began speaking out on the TRUE Muslim ways and what they really believe. He realized that in fact the white man wasn’t the devil and that he was just brainwashed up until this point. Elijah Muhammad excommunicated Malcolm X from the nation of Islam. Malcolm started his own nation called the Muslim Mosque Inc. Malcolm X was a great man because he stood up for what he believed as well as black people in general. He fought against racism, police brutality, and

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