Malcolm X: A Great Leader's Help

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Martin Guiterez Mr. Smith 4/2/13 12A A Great Leader's Help All the great people throughout history have been helped or inspired by someone. Malcolm X has been helped by many different people, his step sister, religious idols, and a some way those people have helped Malcolm X to become who he is today. Without the help of those people Malcolm X wouldn’t be respected and idolized today. Malcolm X wasn’t always a person of good will he had a criminal life which lead him to go to prison and convert to the nation of Islam. He lived in Harlem and was a “hustler” a person who essentially lies, cheats, and steals and he had no connection with god. One person who Malcolm and many others respected was called West Indian Archie.…show more content…
Elijah Muhammad was a role model to Malcolm and Elijah took Malcolm under his wing and taught him many things. After a getting out of prison, Elijah made Malcolm go to Boston to turn people into the Nation of Islam and he was able to get many people to convert to The Nation of Islam. As reward Elijah Muhammad made Malcolm a minister in a church and Malcolm Little transformed into Malcolm X because his actual last name was unknown because the white man took his ancestors and brought them to America to become slaves and to abuse them. Elijah Muhammad essentially made Malcolm X his right hand and because of Elijah Muhammad turned into a great speaker, a great debater and a great leader. Malcolm X debated many people to argue his ideas. He spoke to hundreds of people about the reformation of the black man and to stay away from the white man because they are all “devils” he was admired by many people not only nation wide, but globally, Malcolm X was a name that many Muslims around the world knew. He became known like that because of the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, a friend, a mentor and a teacher. After his trip from Mecca, Malcolm changed and decided to give white people a chance and because of that tensions grew between Malcolm and Elijah and things only got worse from then on. Elijah Muhammad was no longer Malcolm's teacher, friend, and mentor. Elijah Muhammad was just Malcolm's boss and Malcolm was a just a worker. Thats

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