Malcolm Little Essay

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- Born on May 19th 1925 in Nebraska as Malcolm Little - At the age of 14 (1939) he was brought to a foster family - By the time he got his first contacts to drugs and criminality - In 1946 he was arrested for 8 years after burgleing a house and the sexual contact with a white woman => in prison he got to know Elijah Muhammad’s ideas and doctrine (Elijah Muhammad was a leader of the “Black Muslims” (Nation of Islam).) The Nation of Islam was an organization of nationalist Afro-American extremists in the USA; they wanted a self-modified form of Islam + ultimate emancipation from white rule + freedom and equality + to end the process of desegregation of blacks and whites + to build up an independent Afro-American state - In 1952 Malcolm was…show more content…
Religious ideas - 1964: founding the organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU)  Malcolm wanted to turn his ideas into reality; Nation of Islam was only a passive religious community for him - 1964: he left the Nation of Islam because of the constant treat and the different views of the members and himself - On February 21th, 1965 Malcolm X was killed by a few black men (during holding a speech). Until today the murderers’ reason and origin is unknown. But probably the men were connected/linked with the Nation of Islam. Quotations of the interview with the PLAYBOY on May 1963 with the journalist Alex Haley: - “Christ wasn’t white. Christ was a black man.” - “Mr Muhammad teaches us to be for what’s really practical – and that’s separation. It’s more natural than integration.” - “The white man is the devil.” Claims: - “…The white man must finally realize that he is the one who has commited the
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