Malcolm Johnson On The Waterfront Analysis

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Malcolm Johnson, On the Waterfront • IN 1947 and 1948 Malcolm Johnson wrote a series of twenty-six scathing, front-page articles in the New York Sun, revealing the depths of the infiltration of organized crime infiltrated the world’s busiest shipping ports. • Reporting exposed Johnson and his family to threats of violence and death • The articles forced the public and government alike to take action, leading to congressional investigations and changes in labor laws that influenced the entire nation. • Specific Indictments • Hiring of workers accomplished by “shape-up” where men stand in a horseshoe and the union hiring boss chooses the workers for the day. Two to three times as men show-up as needed for the day’s work…show more content…
One member shot in his home. Another fell from the roof at a church picnic The Film Era • Snapshot of a world that no longer exists • Shipping ruled the world • New York the nexus of money, power, and corruption The

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