Malaysian Studies Essay: Role of Education System in Reducing Crime Rates of Malaysia

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An old proverb says that “knowledge is power”. True as gold, this proverb clearly reflects the massive impact of knowledge on a superior race like us, humans. Isn’t it rational to say that the control over vast extends of knowledge is the only thing that enables us to think and have conscience which will enable us to bring forth major improvements and developments that makes our life easier and comfortable. Knowledge is the thing that makes us dominant over all living things that flourished in this world. Well, what gives us knowledge? The answer is education. Education is the process of delivering knowledge, making people understands the fundamental principles that are being delivered and enables them to practice and apply it in life. That is why education is a very important element that has the capability to change the fate in the hands of anyone whom has been exposed to it. Education can be divided into parental education and formal education done by institutes such as schools, tuition centers, colleges, universities and religious institutes. Our focus today is on how formal education done by these institutes especially educational institutes ran by the government such as schools and universities is able to lend a helping hand in reducing the crime rates in our country. As we can see, formal educations all share a similar pattern. They are delivered by educational institutes with a specific objective and mission. They are uniformly delivered using a specific medium of language and approach. Most of them have their own syllabus and grand target that usually produces more effective results than parental education. In the context of decreasing crime rates in the country, they can assist by cultivating their students with positive yet empowering mindsets for the betterment of the country. This approach is a strategic one as it teaches them to

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