Malaysian Nature Society Propositions Essay

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Preposition 5: Life-contract Signing Description: Whenever tourists indulge in marine activities that are harmful to the environment (for example, snorkeling and scuba diving), they will be required to sign “Participating at own risk” forms. They will also be required to pay a RM30 fee, after which they will be given a cap, sunscreen and a t-shirt. The profit from this fee goes to EMMCE. Why this idea could work: • This idea could be appealing because while it doesn’t stop the activities that tourists like to participate in, but it helps protect the environment by educating the tourists about the damage that is being done. It also funds campaigns to save the environment. • It will help eco-friendly tourists feel like they are contributing to the protection of the marine environment. How to make this idea work: • Proposing the idea to the GMs and explain the benefits of the idea to the hotel and to the environment. • Educate the people who are doing the most damage – tourists. They are unaware of the damage that is caused by their activities because they are under the impression that since they’re only going snorkeling/diving/etc. a few times during their trip, their actions won’t affect the environment. Benefits of this idea: • There will be no additional funding by the GMs as the RM30 fees for EMMCE will be paid for by the tourists. • Tourists will understand the marine environment and will be more careful during their trip and in future trips in other locations. Preposition 6: Eco-friendly Artisanal Products Description: The Malaysian Nature Society can collaborate with hotels to create eco-friendly souvenirs and merchandise for visitors and tourists. The products range from clothing (like t-shirts with prints), accessories (hats, badges, bags, key chains) beauty products (soaps, perfumes, lotions) and home décor products (aromatherapy candles,

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