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Malaysia: Where Love Begins Whenever the Merdeka season ( 31st August and 16th September) come around, for the twenty to thirty days leading up to it, there’s almost always a certain buzz of togetherness, unity and solidarity that saturates the airwaves and TV screens. We hear words and songs denoting the aforementioned, and see short films and documentaries flooding our Facebook newsfeeds and TV screens depicting the rose tinted picture of the multiracial and multicultural Malaysia that gets pushed to tourists abroad. And for those few days, many among us suspend our cynicism and anger, and temporarily believe what we see to be true. This year is no exception. This year, or since the last Merdeka season, unlike the last decade or two has seen our nation brought to her knees like never before; and for DAP supporters and political observers alike, the departure of Sdr Karpal Singh and Sdr Wong Ho Leng struck the chronological second and third of a quadruple blow to our nation, in between MH370’s unsolved mystery and MH17’s demise. If there’s ever a year that Malaysians need a bit of love to help us get back on our feet; I think this year would be it. A ‘beginning’ stalled from ‘being’ for 57 years The 2014 Merdeka celebrations this year was given the theme “Malaysia, Where Love Begins”; I won’t argue with that as a statement per se, but there’s a lot to discuss as to what happens after ‘it’ begins. You would have thought that with all that has happened, and everything we’ve been through together as a people, some of that Love that has ‘begun’ may have developed beyond the stage of merely ‘beginning’. Our founding fathers started the nation-building process more than 57 years ago, by fighting for and declaring independence from our colonial masters; the union was further strengthened with the joining of our Borneo brothers and sisters to perfect the

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