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malAY Essay

  • Submitted by: anissyafinaz
  • on April 27, 2009
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The Title
Research Purpose
Determine the negative impact towards Johor Bahru’s teenagers brought from Singaporean
Corresponding Title:
Contribution of Singaporean negative impact to teenagers Johor Bahru’s

Purpose yellow culture is the negative culture from western which is offense the eastern culture. Usually, a yellow culture influencing people by internet, television, and else. Despite the growing of yellow culture influence towards our youngsters, we decide to conduct a research about negative impact of yellow culture among our youngster. So, for the first step, we started it at Johor Bahru. This research conduct to explore the relationship between yellow culture which is usually come from Singapore influencing our youngster in Johor Bahru.
Design, we conducted the research by using a random sampling. This research to explores how the relationship between yellow culture and youngster. So we choose the respondent randomly with 10 variable. The 10 variables is consists of attire, misbehavior, communication, social life, moral issues, gender, discipline, characteristic, impact and ideology. Our research is base or public perception and inter cultural.
The Introduction and Literature Review
The research that we are conducted is to acknowledge the negative impact of yellow culture among teenagers in Johor Bahru. Definition of yellow culture is the negative culture comes from western which offense mostly eastern culture and it can be seen regarding to attitude, communication, behavior, lifestyle, and more. According from the trusted sources and based from our study, the Johorian youngster influenced by the yellow culture which comes from Singaporean. It can be seen by looking the way on how the Johorian teenagers dress up, behavior especially towards old people or with each others, their life style and more. We also do a finding from newspapers, internet and friends who live in Johor Bahru
So we are doing and conducting this research to prove...

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