Malaria Wgu Community Health Task 2

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Malaria Malaria Malaria is prevalent is various third world countries such as sub-Saharan Africa, India, Southeast Asia, South and Central America. Malaria is a sub-tropical and tropical illness and is found throughout the previously listed countries. This is due to optimal conditions for mosquitos. The reports the “most significant determinant of the intensity of parasite transmission is climate” (Omumbo & Snow, pp 1). Malaria has been reported since the 2700 B.C. by the Chinese and even the Greeks. This is not a new disease to this world. Cases diagnosed in the US are usually caused by immigrants and travelers coming from those regions of the world. Anyone traveling to these regions are at a higher risk of being infected. Malaria has been harder to eradicate in poor countries that lack the medical resources to prevent and treat patients and lack the resources to prevent spreading the disease. Large organizations such as the WHO and CDC assist these areas to control and prevent the spread of diseases like malaria. There are 4 types of Malaria. The most severe type being Plasmodium falciparum. This type is accredited with the majority of deaths due to malaria this parasite is transmitted by the mosquito bite. These parasites once in the body make their way to liver where they multiply and infect other red blood cells and travel throughout the body exploding the red blood cell and infecting new blood cells each time a new one ruptures. Symptoms. The incubation period is usually ten (10) days to four (4) weeks after the individual has been bitten by an infected female mosquito. The Texas Department of State Health Services states that individuals commonly experience fever, headaches, vomiting, chills and other flu like symptoms and these symptoms can appear up to a year after being infected with the parasite. The parasite can sit dormant

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