Malaria Essay

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INFECTIOUS DISEASE: MALARIA OUTCOME 3(b): GATHER AND PROCESS INFORMATION TO TRACE THE HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF OUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE CAUSE AND PREVENTION OF MALARIA. OUTCOME 3(c): IDENTIFY DATA SOURCES, GATHER PROCESS AND ANALYSE INFORMATION FROM SECONDARY SOURCES TO DESCRIBE ONE NAMED INFECTIOUS DISEASE IN TERMS OF ITS: CAUSE, TRANSMISSION, HOST RESPONSE, MAJOR SYMPTOMS, TREATMENT, PREVENTION, CONTROL. The weblinks included are only suggestions – some may not work. TASK 1: Draw a timeline that traces the historical development of the cause of malaria on one side and the historical development of the prevention of malaria on the other side. Your text pp 271-273 is an excellent resource, as are some websites. |Date |Historical development | |18 BCE |Romans described and named malaria as ‘bad air’ as a disease that was thought to come from swamps. | |1820 CE |Quinine used as a preventative against malaria | |1880 |Charles Lavern observed the malaria parasite | |1885 |Marchiafara and Celli found infected blood can transmit malaria to another individual | |1886 |Golgi observed reproduction (asexual) in plasmodium protozoan | |1898 |Grassi named the mosquito as the carrier of the malaria parasite | |1897 |Ross identified

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