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Humberto Romo Ortega Professor Nugent Engwr 51 22 April 2012 “The Power of One” A Summary and Reaction In Jeffrey Sachs essay “The Power of One”, Sachs proposes a simple solution for eradicating a terrible disease affecting large segments of Africa called Malaria. Despite poverty or hunger in Africa Malaria has taken away many children from their mothers causing many deaths in the population in Africa. Africa being a developing/poor nation Sachs takes action in helping the Malaria problem going on as well as President Obama creating a solution to the problem called the $10 solution, A Chinese herbal remedy medicine treating the disease for every child in Africa which puts an end to Malaria in Africa. Sachs and President Obama created a movement bringing help from outside of Africa involving the American people and the Red Cross to contribute to the families who can’t afford the $10 for a bed net and also to treat the disease for Malaria to be no more. My Reaction to Jeffrey Sachs essay “The Power of One” was incredible. Sachs is not only one of the most influential leaders of all time but also one of the most intelligent men also. Sachs demonstrates to the whole world what a person can do to change the world when you really put your time and effort to a problem and finding a solution that would help many people. Sachs would be remembered and never forgotten throughout the world not only to the American people but especially to all the African people who he

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