Maktub Essay

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Pasig City Science High School Rainforest Park, Maybunga, Pasig City English Project Book Report in Maktub Submitted by: IV – Joule 1. Define Maktub. How does it reflect the author? In Arabic, the word maktub means “everything is written.” Looking at Paulo Coelho’s book, Maktub, we can say that he chose this word as the title because he wants to say that everything that happens to our lives is already written, already known by God. Paulo Coelho was a rebellious teenager in his early life and indulged in various vices later on. This all changed when he had a spiritual awakening during a pilgrimage. Right now, Paulo Coelho is a famous author for his book The Alchemist. Maktub reflects the author in a sense that its contents, which contain several stories, have spiritual values that enlightens our minds, just like how he was enlightened during his pilgrimage. 2. What does he say about the following: a. Illumination People who only seek the light while not doing anything will not find true illumination and end up being blind. In order to find it, one must shoulder his own responsibilities and act. Be responsible and decide for yourself that path that you have chosen to walk on b. Rediscovering faith Lighting a fire would yield an unbearable smoke but after the fire has been lit, the smoke disappears and illuminates our surroundings. This smoke is the challenges that we face in our lives. We seek help from God in order to overcome these hurdles. That is how faith is rediscovered. Once we overcome the hurdles in our lives, we become stronger. c. Crazy people The author, in his early life, was put into an asylum three times. Looking at what he is right now, he became a successful writer. I think he wants to say that we should understand them and that we should not discriminate them, who knows, these people might be very successful in
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