Makkah Al-Mukarrama

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Makkah al-Mukarrama Makkah is located in Saudi Arabia and is home to the holiest site in Islam: Masjid al-Haram. With a population of 1.7 million, Mekkah is host to millions of Muslim pilgrim since the 7th century. Its importance to Islam can be directly linked to the prophet Muhammad. In this paper I am going to elaborate on the religious significance of Mekkah in the life of Muslims and interesting facts about Mekkah city. Muhammad born in Mecca in 570, in the minority group of the Hashemites, began receiving his divine revelation around 610 AD. He began spreading the word of God. For 13 years, Muhammad and his followers have been persecuted by the Quraysh. Because of that conflict, Muslims migrated to Medina. Later in 630, Mekkah fell
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