Making the World a Better Place

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Making the world a better place Psychologist and Social Scientist often make the decision to choose this career because they feel the world is troubled and they feel that they can play a role in making the world a better place. However, the desire to fix particular problems may cause some social scientist to study on certain problems only, Such as a single mother needing parental skills and education to be get a better job in order to provide for her child/children. As well as possibly a recovering addict trying to enter the work force sober and socializing him to deal with large crowds and being responsible for himself. Those are just two of the many examples of cases that many psychologist and social scientist deal with. The reason I chose this topic, is because I can relate to the way they think and often find myself intrigued to “help” those in need as well. I find it to be somewhat of a challenge as well as rewarding. However, sometimes to fix a situation, you often have to approach it a different way resulting in opening up “Pandora’s box.” This is where you may discover the root to the problem and begin building a solution or plan to getting someone’s life back on track. Psychologists play a very important role in society. They are the ones which can help change attitudes about stigma, sexual behavior, help those who have experienced trauma and loss. It is a long process depending on the person and situation. They are certainly the person to go to if you want to change your life for the better or simply make sense of an issue in your life to provide closure. Some resources were obtained in: How does Making the world a better place have relation with Psychology Marx Anthony Alicea Rodriguez PSYC420 Social Psychology Brown College, Mendota Heights,

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