Making the Most of Your Textbook

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Making the most of your Textbook by Neville Grant (Longman Keys to Language Teaching, Longman 1996) ISBN 0-582-74624-8 Longman Keys to Language Teaching are full of practical suggestions for lessons and activities which will help you in your daily teaching. They are written in clear, jargon-free English so you can read them quickly and refer to them easily as you need them. The authors are all experienced teachers who give straightforward advice on basic teaching techniques. Making the most of your Textbook shows that you can teach more efficiently and increase your students' level of motivation simply by adapting the class textbook. It includes: - Chapters examining the ways in which textbooks present the four basic skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. - Examples from a wide range of textbooks accompanied by detailed lesson plans which show you how to adapt any material to suit your students. - Suggestions for general techniques and activities which you can use to supplement your textbook and improve the quality of your daily teaching. - Helpful summaries at the end of chapters for quick reference. - Questions and activities which will help you to use new ideas successfully in your own classroom with your own students. Neville Grant is the general editor of the Longman Keys to Language Teaching series. He has taught extensively on teacher-training courses in many countries and he is an experienced author of ELT books. ********************************************************************* Contents Preface Introduction - Who needs a textbook? - Questions and activities 1. Students, teachers, and textbooks - reasons for learning - learning styles - teaching styles - different kinds of textbook - the teacher's role - questions and activities 2. Listening skills - the aims of teaching listening skills - using the course

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