Making the Bed to Smooth the Pillow of a Dying Race. Essay

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Major Essay ABOR 2245 Making the bed to smooth the pillow of a dying race. Historical documentation describes an intention that could be no further from the eventual reality that was to be experienced by the natives of a great southern continent. Under instruction Captain Arthur Phillip was envisaged ‘to endeavour by every possible means to open an Intercourse with the Savages Natives and to conciliate their affections, enjoining all Our Subjects to live in amity and Kindness with them’ (Library Committee of the commonwealth Parliament, 1923). The first forty nine years of colonisation of the continent is well documented with the travesties instilled to the natives in that time (Reynolds, 1975; Reynolds, 1999; Baker, 1997). For those who suffer though there was still a force that they were unaware of that was about to bring ‘an upheaval as severe as any experienced by any race in the history of mankind’ (Arkley, 2000). Still enshrined in good intensions the British were to have a ‘deep importance to ascertain the results of our relations’ with all the ‘uncivilised nations’ under the charge of their empire (Great Britain. Parliament, 1837). Reacting to reports that the natives of New Holland to be the ‘most degraded of human race’ but due to Europeans involvement has furthered their debasement ‘yet to a deeper shade of wretchedness’ (Great Britain. Parliament, 1837) came the idea of installing a protector of Aborigines be employed. This essay will investigate the ramifications of this proposed law that could be argued that the reverberations are still felt in a contemporary Australia. Through benevolence, the notion of the protector of aborigines, not just in Australia, but all the colonies of the Imperial British was of the concern with the ‘extinction’ of their Indigenous charges (Reynolds, 1975; Barta, 2008). A select committee presented a report to the

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