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Making Math Count Essay

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Making Math Really Count
April 16 2010



Susan Scoffin, CECE, B.A. (hons.) TrentU., BEd. Primary/Junior division TrentU. MA candidate, Curriculum, Teaching, Learning Department at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. susanscoffin@trentu.ca


This workshop is informed by:
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many professional workshops... my work as a research assistant on several projects concerned with student achievement in elementary school mathematics my graduate studies...reading...reading and more reading!, courses, research in effective professional development front-line work...watching, listening, asking, planning, evaluating...watching, listening, asking, planning, evaluating and so it goes...


Why Numeracy?

We have achieved a good level of awareness among parents and teachers of the importance of positive, early experiences in language/literacy e.g. talking, singing, reading etc. to children. Attention is now being paid to children‟s early cognitive development in mathematics and best practices in early learning environments ( i.e. in families and in early learning and care environments)



Goals for literacy and numeracy are similar: We want children to be competent in mathematics in order to participate fully in society. We want children to have positive math related experiences and develop an enjoyment for doing math.



Why math?

We need to understand basic math principals in order to participate in modern societies.
Many careers require strong mathematical skills. We need individuals who can solve complex problems. Many children see the world mathematically and we need to support them. It is a right, just like literacy.

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What is math?
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Math is a language and a way of describing the world. It was/is created by humans for humans to solve problems. Math is about patterns and models of...

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