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International Relations in South East Asia The Second Indochina War - History By 1959 some of the 90,000 Viet Minh troops that had returned to the North following the Geneva Agreements had begun filtering back into the South to take up leadership positions in the insurgency apparat. Mass demonstrations, punctuated by an occasional raid on an isolated post, were the major activities in the initial stage of this insurgency. Communist-led uprisings launched in 1959 in the lower Mekong Delta and Central Highlands resulted in the establishment of liberated zones, including an area of nearly fifty villages in Quang Ngai Province. - The Origins of the Second Indochina War - After War - Conclusion Submitted to: Submitted by: Saw JJ Ler Bwe Lay BARS III Social International Relations in South East Asia The Second Indochina War History This is more commonly known as the Vietnam War in the West. The war grew out of many factors. Very early in the history of South Vietnam it became apparent that President Diem and his family had scant regard for democracy. His first aim was to suppress any opposition, including criminals, supporters of the Vietminh and the powerful religious sects. Diem himself was a Catholic, and he gave preference in government jobs and in the administration to his fellow believers. Nepotism became firmly established, and much power was given to Diem's sister-in-law, the notorious Madam Nhu, and to his brother the Archbishop of Vietnam. Within a short time it was apparent that a dictatorship was being established. Diem justified this development on the grounds that the Republic was being threatened from the communist north. Diem was aggressively anti-communist. Despite these turns, the United States poured huge amounts of aid into South Vietnam. Gradually the south became more and more dependent on US

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