Making It Big Time Essay

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Joshua Karvelis 25 September 2012 Professor Kirkby Narrative Paper Making it Big Time "And Cut" the producer said. This was not no backyard producer, this was Christopher Nolan, top of the line. The man who created the epic trilogy of the Dark Knight. He said,"Josh, I want to see more agressiveness out of you during this part of the movie. Josh said," Your right, this is the part where I find my father's killer, I'll be more agressive Mr. Nolan." "Alright action" Nolan said."Wheres the money you hid from my father" replied Josh, throwing the killer against the wall. "Where is the money you b******," the killer replied by saying," Okay I will tell you where it is, its hidden under the Ambassador Crown Floor." Josh replied with a grunted voice," This does not pay for the actions you have done to all the innocent people you have killed, including my father." "Wait" the killer said, Josh replied "There is no wait, you will pay for the actions you have committed." Josh than picked the killer up by his long brown hair and hit him with a death defying throat strike, leaving the killer to die in his own pool of blood. "And Cut" Nolan said,"Thats the type of intensity I wanted from you Josh and you delivered." The killer's actual name in real life is Jacko Marone and he said," That was great, you will become a great action star Josh.'' "Thats a wrap everyone, good job today" Nolan than said. It did not all start out with fame and glamour for Josh. He was born like a normal human being like everyone else in life.. Born January 21, 1994 at Seaway Hospital, Trenton, Michigan, his parents Victor and Julie Karvelis named him Joshua Brandon Karvelis. His middle name was Brandon because of being named after the legendary Bruce Lee's son, Brandon Lee. Josh's dad named him this for one reason, because he wanted his son to be the life defying martial arts legend. As a

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