Making Ideas Happen Essay

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Making Ideas Happen Have you ever noticed that sometimes the most creative people seem to be the most unorganized? Scott Belsky saw this as such an important issue that he sought out to find a way to help creative people become more organized. He worked with creative people from many different industries and studied how they organized and executed their ideas. As the founder and CEO of Behance “a network that provides organization, feedback exchange, efficient communication, and promotion to support the careers of creative professionals”(6), Belsky’s goal was to help creative people develop their ideas and fully follow through to their completion. He created a method called The Action Method, and he explains it and how to execute it step by step throughout this book. The Action Method can be broken down into three categories which include: action steps, back burner items, and references. Actions steps are “the specific, concrete tasks that inch you forward; closer to your goal and the completed idea” (34). Action Steps are the most important part in any project because without any action there is no possible way that a task could be completed. It is easiest to complete action steps when you are motivated and organized, this will make you want to do them in order to see your efforts working correctly. A good way to become motivated like this is to adapt a system such as color coding or symbols that can better help you organize your steps to enable them to be completed more efficiently. “Stuff that is actionable must be made personal”(32), this is true because if someone has their task in their own writing and their own vocabulary they will be more likely to finish it due to their self motivation. Something to keep in mind while developing an action method is that the mind is always working and coming up with ideas, not only in meetings; therefore, it is important
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