Making Effective Decisions Essay

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Life is full of making decisions. Not a day goes by when you don’t have to decide what to do or what to eat. Good choices let one take charge of their life, being able to move closer to their goals and aspirations. When making a serious decision, one should evaluate every aspect of the solution. Nick was driving home from work, late on night when he was rear-ended by a 45 mph car, while stopped at a stoplight. The on coming car smashed the trunk in and the impact of the hit made Nicks car hit the other vehicle stopped in front of him. The air bags went off and all the windows were shattered. Nick stepped out of the car scratch free, just a few burns on his arms from the airbag. The car was considered totaled. Nick no longer has a car; he needs some form of reliable transportation to get to and from work on a daily basis. Nick has to bum rides off of people until he gets his insurance check in the mail, to put down towards a newer car. In the mean time, while shopping for a car, Nick flipped through auto trader magazines, looked at dealerships and on the Internet to get an idea of what kind of car he wanted. He has no money except what the insurance company is planning on giving him. His previous car was a little “hoopty” and the insurance is only going to give him $1,500. Nick made a list of options that he could take with him in the process of buying a car. He has found two cars that he loves and Nick isn’t sure if it would be smarter to buy the brand new car or buy the used car. While making a list of positive and negative outcomes of buying both, the positive outcomes of buying a new car were much greater than the negative outcomes. A brand new car, Nick can customize any way he wants, the vehicle will have 100,000-mile warranty and the brand new car won’t have any major costly repairs that have to be taken care of. On the downside of buying a
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