Making Babies Genetically Correct

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It is proven that the present world is advancing when it comes to innovations and technology. All those trending topics around are brought by Science. Some of which are the new hot gadgets, machines and developments to medical areas like the one we have viewed- the used of the science of genetic selection in making babies genetically correct. Genetic selection is a process in which the embryo, outside the woman's body, is being screened or tested to find some defects through genetic diagnosis. If defects were to be found, the particular defective embryo would be removed and the normal will then be transferred back. In the video, this process went hand in hand with in vitro fertilization. As shown, there were 3 different genetic problems with the 3 families. (a) A child has Fanconi gene and her family wishes to have a baby for a purpose that the baby's bone marrow would be transferred to her sister. (b) Jack is dying from inherited disease called SMA so his family want s another child. (c) A father with hereditary Huntington cholera is having a twin baby and he already knew the possibility when he will die. The 3 families had hope in saving their babies' lives through gene selection. Genes were tested and those that are damaged or are defective were removed so that the unwanted disease will not pass through the generations. Family (a) and (b), reproductive cells were extracted from parents and genetic diagnose was established. In Family (c), the twin's conditions have been monitored from pregnancy to birth. To some, especially to those people who are involved and or to those who have problems regarding their baby’s life and health, genetic selection would be the only solution. But, on the other side, this will be a great concern when it comes to ethical issues. Since ethics includes values relating to human conducts, some would question science and
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