Making a Fog in a Bottle

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Making Fog in a Bottle By Fatoba K.O. Fog occurs naturally when humid air experiences a sudden drop in temperature. To make fog in a bottle, you’ll need to do the same thing: cool humid air quickly. In a room where everything is at the same temperature, cooling air sounds impossible. It’s not. To make fog in a bottle, obtain a clean 1- or 2-liter plastic soda bottle and put several spoonfuls of water in it. Cap the bottle tightly, and shake it to help the water evaporate into the air. In a minute or two, the relative humidity in the bottle will reach 100% and you’ll be ready to do the experiment. Lay the bottle on its side on the fl oor, and step on it with your shoe. You must press down hard enough to dent the bottle signifi cantly, but you don’t want to pop it or crack its sides. Wait like this for 20 or 30 seconds. Heat is fl owing out of the bottle, and that takes time. Now step quickly off the bottle, and immediately illuminate its contents with a bright light. You should see a mist of tiny water droplets. Abruptly releasing the compression causes the air’s temperature to plummet, and fog forms in the bottle. If no fog has formed despite a hard squeeze with your shoe and enough patience to let the heat fl ow out of the bottle, you can help the fog start by dropping a smoking match into the bottle before capping it. You want just enough tiny smoke particles to help the mist droplets form but not enough smoke to obscure the fog itself. It doesn’t take much smoke to do the trick. After capping the bottle, squeeze it hard and wait, and then release the compression suddenly and look for the fog.

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