Maketing Essay

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The Desired State: As a manager in order to achieve the required 25% reduction in work force set forth by my superiors. I would meet with the human Resources liaison for my department to help determine which members of my team would least impact my departments productivity, by looking at each individuals qualifications, time of service and accolades achieved while employed with our company. Also I would have to ensure that my departments moral would not be hindered during this difficult time by inquiring what services we could provide not only to those individuals who would be affected by the reduction but to those who would be retaining their positions ensuring them that this is a necessary step needed to ensure our companies future. Resistance Force: With any reduction in work force there is to be expected a certain level of peer to peer resentment, in order to avoid the uncomfortable feeling that accompanies such decisions I would interact with each member of my team on a one to one basis informing them of my decision and the reasoning behind it. I would again meet with the Human Resource liaison and inquire what steps could be taken to make sure that there would not be any uncomfortable or unforeseeable incidents, and try to make the transition as smooth as possible for all parties involved. Supporting Force: In order to ensure a positive moral during these difficult times for those members of my team that will be remaining I would hold a staff meeting afterwards and explain to the remaining members of my team how the decisions made were necessary to ensure our companies success moving forward as well as explaining to them that they were chosen to remain because of the positive impact they could have in that success. I would submit a request to my superiors allowing me to provide the remaining members of my team a company sponsored luncheon to show our

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