what makes people smoke

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What makes people smoke? Most smokers acquire this harmful habit in the teen age, before twenty. At this time, young teen-agers are eager to look out like their grown up friends, parents or just accidental acquaintances. They believe that a cigarette in their lips would make them look “cooler”. Almost everybody knows a lot about harm, which is produced by smoking. While process of smoking, pitch is gathered inside lungs — no matter that widely hyped double-filters withhold a part of it. The point is that passive smokers — people who found themselves just near the smokers — get double harm, because they breathe the smoke without filters. Pitch accumulates in lungs with time, increasing risk of a large variety of illnesses. Smoke let people receive good emotions — that’s the main reason to smoke. When a smoker is nervous, he can burn one cigarette after another, in order to calm down. He smokes when he is in a bad mood and when he is happy, to make himself even happier. And when he smokes, he forget of everything harmful what is connected to smoking. Meanwhile, cigarettes do the injurious effect, which is not clearly noticeable to the smoker. All the consequences seem to be not actual and very distant, until the time they will make the smoker remember about nicotine’s harm. Millions of people die because of these consequences every year. Nicotine and smoking pitch lead to cancer, the illness which is not curable. Cancer can choose a place to appear: in most cases, smoking causes lungs cancer, but not really always. Medicines are powerless in such cases, only surgical experience may help, in several situations. But surgical operations are useless in especially complicated cases, as a rule. Patient dies in several weeks or months. Nicotine does irreversible changing in circulatory system and heart, as well as in

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