What makes Bilbo's success?

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Three factors, skill, luck, and cunning, play a significant role in people’s efforts to pursue success. In the novel, The Hobbit, the main character, Bilbo Baggins, clearly demonstrates the above three elements throughout his journey. Bilbo’s unique resourcefulness and cleverness helps him to pull through various difficult situations, he has miraculous skills in leading the Company, and he is often able to rescue the Company. Bilbo also sneaks around to help others, tricks people to achieve his personal benefits and does things in secret to profit the overall adventure. Besides, Bilbo is fortunate to get the supernatural aid and other discoveries, which help him to accomplish arduous impossible tasks. J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of The Hobbit, evidently presents that Bilbo Baggin’s success on the journey is due to his skill, cunning and luck. Those three elements aid Bilbo in his triumphant adventures. Firstly, the success of Bilbo is strongly attributed to his skills. Bilbo is an extremely clever hobbit full of wisdom and knowledge. During the riddle contest with Gollum in the goblin’s cave, Bilbo shows his skill by coming up with a variety of challenging riddles and produces answers to all of the riddles that Gollum thinks out. It is his quick wit and intelligence that helps him to escape from the goblin caves alive (70). Thorin, the leader of the Company, states that “Bilbo (has) some courage and some wisdom blended in measure” (266). Another skill of Bilbo exists in his remarkable leadership, which facilitates him to lead the Company to success (165). During the journey, Bilbo is the trustworthy decision maker. He guides the Company through the spiders of Mirkwood and leads the Company’s escape from the Elven Palace. His outstanding leadership skill enables the Company to carry out its adventures successfully. Bilbo wins the Company’s respect and trust by his

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