Make Up For Dogs Rhetorical Analysis

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Lida Janowski April 6, 2009 Cultural Studies Makeup For Dogs: A Product Good Enough For Humans According to Sturken, elements of the media are viewed and interpreted according to three specific things when consumers attempt to pull out meaning in advertisements: “one, the codes and conventions that structure the image: two, the viewers and how they interpret or experience the image: and three, the contexts in which an image is exhibited and viewed”(Sturken, 49). Keeping these three elements in mind, I have chosen an advertisement that complies with Sturken’s observations about visual images; initially I chose a beauty ad for Neutrogena products and then reworked it into an anti ad containing…show more content…
This question also reminds consumers just how far they actually have gone to become beautiful without even thinking about it in the past. Because of commodity fetishism, many consumers forget about the product and development it takes to create some of the products we buy. As a consumer goes to purchase a tube of lipstick at their local CVS market, the thought about where this product was created, and if it underwent animal testing more than likely never pops into their mind; most consumers are too busy being controlled by the market to consider such a…show more content…
The model being on a leash illustrates how the media can infiltrate pressure on consumers to dictate where to go next; the media and the trends it promotes can dictate what clothes to buy, makeup to wear, and what hair styles are in, etc. In Sturken’s book, Cohen refers to this kind of society as a “consumer republic.” Cohen defines this republic as “ an economic and cultural context in which the highest social values are equated with the promises of consumerism, so that consumerism is understood by citizens to be the primary avenue to achieving freedom, democracy, and equality”(Sturken, 274). Our society today is especially being driven by the consumerism that promises equality. The target market for this ad is teenagers and women seeking to look even more beautiful than the girl standing next to them. Buying this product guarantees a certain level of beauty which consumers go out of their way to buy, forgetting the torture that may be behind

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