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Shawn Hall Ms. LaBrucherie Contemporary Voices, P.2 10/1/12 “Make the Change” The National Football League (NFL) was founded in 1920, and ever since then many fans have been enjoying the sport. Fans packed out stadiums to see their favorite teams play or to watch premier athletes make big runs or engage into big hits. But as the years went on the NFL made plenty of changes of the way the game was played. Plenty of rules changed that really disappointed the fans. Rules that were changed that really affected the game has been, helmet to helmet contact, celebrations, and the way the fumbles are reviewed, and the “feet” rule. These changes have really altered the game of football. Football is the most contact sport, and every player signs a waiver saying that they know they are risking injury at any point during the game. So why fine players that are doing what they are paid to do? The Helmet to Helmet contact rule was made because of a lot of the players that got neck and spine injuries during the point of contact of head to head hits. It is somewhat understandable but it is not right to fine the players that don’t purposely aim for the helmet during a tackle. Sometimes in the momentum and tempo of the game you cannot control how you are going to hit the opposing player. This rule should really be changed to fine players who purposely hit the opposing player in the head. When this rule came about it caused chaos in the NFL and some people agreed and some people didn’t. The main goal of football is to score a touchdown on the opposing team, and when done so, everyone gets excited and wants to show their excitement. But a rule change made this wrong, so players could no longer celebrate. After making a touchdown the player is to hand the ball to the referee and then just walks back to their sideline. If they do not follow this rule, they are fined

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