Make the Right Choice Essay

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In the novel the curious of the dog in the night time by mark Haddon the significant idea of truths versus lies has been explored. The writer Mark Haddon develops the idea of truths versus lies through the characters, such as Christopher. This theme is also developed through one important relationship between Christopher and his father. The idea truths versus lies are not only shown through the characters of Christopher and his relationship with his father but also highlights how this idea is relevant to society. The idea of truths versus lies is highlighted through the character of Christopher. Christopher is a character who views the world differently. He has his own way dealing with people. As well as having his own unique way of thinking he also voices his opinions on many topics throughout the novel and he repeatedly stresses the importance of how the truths and being honest is essential for him. He also states that he does not like lies. “I do not like lies because I can’t tell lies”. This example highlights Christopher is someone who values the truth he believes that honesty will help make his life and his relationship better. The writer develops the idea truth versus lies through the character of Christopher and shows how the idea of truth versus lies is something that everyone can relate to. The writer encourages the reader to think about how important it is to be honest with yourself and others, he uses the character of Christopher to voice the importance so honesty and the effect that lies have. The idea of truth versus lies is highlighted through the relationship between Christopher and his parents. Their relationship is one that is filled with truths versus lies. Throughout the novel we discover that his father admits to killing Wellington and he also admits about the death of his mother is a lie. We learn that
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