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how to make popcorn Essay

  • Submitted by: fizzle4ever
  • on April 23, 2008
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Pop, pop, pop. That is the sound heard all across the nation at a theatre chain near you. Yes, you’ve got it; it is the sound of that popcorn popping. America’s favorite movie snack food has a history beyond belief; however, that is not what we are here to talk about. Popcorn is more than just a bag in the microwave; real movie theatre popcorn takes care and proper steps and patience in order to pop correctly. Following these fairly easy instructions will make the customers happy showing the excellent customer service skills that are inside all of us.
Before speaking of the actual kettle and popping system, the reason for the popping has to be discussed. Have you ever wondered how a little popcorn kernel could explode into something so fluffy? Each kernel of popping corn is filled with natural waters, when exposed to such high temperatures the water boils, turns into a gas, expands, and forces the kernel itself to expand; hence, we have popcorn.
Now that that the chemistry information of popcorn has been brought to attention, the popper itself is the next step of the many to be discussed. Before popping your first batch of popcorn, you must turn everything on. There are a couple of things that need to be turned on to get things going. Firstly you must turn on the lights on the popper with the flip of a switch, this provides a good presentation of the popcorn, secondly the exhaust must be turned on, this helps keep the popcorn warm after being dumped into the warming device, and thirdly the “cornditioner”, oh yes the “cornditioner”, must be turned on, this helps to condition the popcorn, making sure everything stays fresh. There are three other switches on a popper; these are the oil pump, the agitator, and the kettle heat. All of which will turn on, however not at this current time.
Before we can start the popping process there are a few items that must be checked in order to stay consistent with the popping all day. Firstly, check to see that the...

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