Make Out a Case Against the Adoption of a Codified Consititution Essay

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1c) Make out a case against the adoption of a codified constitution for the UK A constitution is a set of principles, which may be codified or uncodified, that establishes the key features of the politics of a state. In this essay, the view that the UK constitution should remain codified will be argued. There are many benefits of the continuation of the UK’s constitution being uncodified, such as the system is still working. A codified constitution may be the lesser-used system of constitutions, but this is because there has been no major cause for a change. Since the system is continuing to work, why change it? Many countries have changed their constitution to codified because of revolutions or other major events, including Russia, France, and Malaysia. The UK has not had anything to the sort; therefore there has never been a reason to change to the codified system. Therefore the constitution should remain uncodified. Another benefit from not having a codified constitution is that it would be extremely difficult to change to a codified constitution. An uncodified constitution is written entirely in one single document, whereas the uncodified system being the complete opposite, with most sources of the constitution being in single documents and some sources like traditions and conventions would be hard to codify. The time, effort and money that would be put into the UK constitution becoming codified wouldn’t be worth it because it would take far too much effort in the current economic climate of recovery. Codifying constitutions and forming new constitutions is usually reserved for revolutions and major changes for a country. Therefore the constitution should remain uncodified because the vast amount effort and time wouldn’t be worth it. In addition, the UK constitution should remain uncodified because there is a great strength in the flexibility of an
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