Make Out a Case Against the Further Use of Referendums in the Uk. Essay

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Referendums are a form of direct democracy by which a government consults the public on their opinion regarding particular political questions. However, there are many people that oppose the use of further referendums to be used because they; undermine parliamentary sovereignty, arguably increase the power of government, and can still be irrelevant despite the effort, if government chose not to act on the result. The most significant problem with referendums is the nature of the questions that are referred for the general public, whom most of the time do not have the expertise on the questions that they are asked, suggesting they are far too complex for a ‘yes or no’ question. At the moment the leading economist in the UK are split on the idea of the European Union and so any question posed to the general public on this matter would be ludicrous. An example of a referendum guaranteed to take place which carries this problem is the Scottish Independence referendum due to take place in the autumn of 2014. As in nearly all referendums, people do not understand the full consequences of the result such as choosing to be independent would mean they do not have an army for defence which would be a massive problem lots of Scottish people do not know about. Since this problem is so apparent in so many elections it has to be one of the biggest issues surrounding the argument for further use of referendums in the UK. Another very important problem attached to further use of referendums is the amount of money that will be spent on them. This money could be spent for staging referendums and campaigning for referendums, but this is arguably a massive waste of UK taxpayers’ money. This is because there is no need to waste money asking the peoples opinion on matters only 42.2% of people are interested enough to turnout for like in the 2011 AV referendum. The Conservatives spent

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