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Making a life easier Can carrying all the stuff which people need throughout the day, make one’s life easier? In “Burdens of the Modern Beast” by Linton Weeks, we can see how he is disappointed about “how people are loading themselves with books, newspaper, Gatorade jugs, personal stereos, knapsacks, briefcases, and canvas totes with high-heel shoes inside.” But it is not always true that carrying stuff is not helpful for people. In fact, by carrying all their stuff, they make their lives easier in 3 ways: they save time, save money, and make them more prepared. People need to carry all their stuff that they use throughout the day to save lots of time. For example, the students in Cuesta collage, who study every day, need to use their laptops and books and phone. Also, if they want to workout after school, they will need to be ready for having their workout clothes. Because they don’t have enough time to go home which might be very far away. So, they will save time if they carry it in the morning before leave home. Carrying all the stuff that people use throughout the day not only helps them to save time; it also helps to save money. When they carry all they need it will not cost money to buy it again or saves gas to get it. For example, my friend drives a Porsche, which has a gas miles rating of 19-27 miles per gallon. His job is about 50 miles far from his house. So, if he doesn’t take his stuff which he needs during the day, he has drive about an hour to go back home which it cost him almost10$. So, instead of making money for that hour, he loses it. He has to spend money and lose time by driving. Besides saving time and money, carrying stuff that people need throughout the day also makes people more prepared. People feel confidence because they have every thing that they need for their day’s activities. For example, I have an iPod, which has

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