Make My Day Law

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Make My Day Law Is it fair punishment to charge someone with murder if they are defending themselves against any intruder in there homes? The "Make My Dy Law" gives a person the legal right to use deadly force to defend his or her home, and any innocent person in it, from a violent attack or intrusion. For this law to be just, the intruder must be making an attempt to unlawfully enter a property and the occupants of that property must feel threatened. In addition, the owners of the property must be there and legally and not trying to kill another person in what they wrongfully assume would be a legal way. You cannot use deadly force against an officer trying to perform their legal duties. The purpose of this law is important because it protects the innocent victim who defends his home or his family against intruders from any criminal prosecution or civil action. We should consider it outrageous to make an innocent person suffer for defending his or her home or family. The defendant has no duty to abandon a place in which they have the right to be. This law is important because if someone feels that their life is being threatened in their own home they must be able to defend themselves. Dr. Frank Sommer, a dentist in Tulsa, woke in the middle of the night to the sound of his garage door opening, took his gun to check things out and realized it was intruders, he fired his gun and yelled, hitting one of the two intruders. This incident is a perfect example of a person defending himself in his own home. This caused Oklahoma to pass the "Make My Day " law. Earlier in the same year, six elderly people were killed in there homes by burglars, there was no way for them to protect themselves. This law needs to be supported so that no victim of burglary or trespassing is left vulnerable. Many believe the "Make My Day" law is a "License to Murder", meaning

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