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Jennifer Daignault Persuasive Essay April 30,2008 Make it Illegal. It’s the same old scenario time after time: Women having unprotected sex and ending up pregnant. It’s been happening for years, and it will happen for years to come. The only way we can prevent it from happening over and over again is by making abortion illegal in each and every state. How could you be willing to kill an innocent life because of your mistake, when the little victim will never have anything to say about it. That’s murder, or when you have the women who know the consequences of having unprotected sex and know if it came to getting pregnant, they could just get an abortion, taking the easy way out. If that’s not the reason to make it illegal, then maybe it’s all the money we spend on it, instead of giving money to help women kill, how about using the money for someone who will be given a chance to live? It’s your mistake. You made the decision. You had the unprotected sex, and now you have no where to go. How many times have you heard that story? Probably more than you’d like to. Why should a baby that you conceived have to pay for your lack of common sense. It’s not like the protection isn’t available; it’s everywhere you look. Girls are being careless when it comes to having protected sex. They are in the moment, and things happen, and now they’re pregnant. Shouldn’t they have to deal with the consequences associated with the decisions they decide to make? Abortion is giving them a reason to never have to worry about using protection again. How about those type of girls who will have sex worry free, and know if it came down to getting pregnant they could just always have a abortion. The world today is not teaching people about responsibility. You made the decision you should have to live with it.

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