Make Decisions Essay

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Making decisions could be simple, like choosing what you want to eat, how to spend your free time, and more. On the other there is some difficult decisions you take that will effect in you somehow for example: when Amish people thought about moving out from their society. For me the biggest decision I made when I decide to study medicine in king faisal university. When I was in high school I thought about my future, what is the suitable job for me? And how to have a blast and gain knowledge at the same time? how a normal job can effect on me and make me creative and happy. I only focused on those two things so when I graduated from school I applied in Damamm university because they have the major that I want . However, when I accepted in it I realized that going to damamm will open up a can of worms to my life because of many reasons. Well I couldn’t handle to live alone without my family especially my little sister, also I don’t know how to cook and even if I learned I still couldn’t because I don’t have enough time for cook I will spend most of my time in studying. For all this reason and more I canceled my application. Letting go of my dream job really disappoint me and turn my down , my parents started to connive me to study medicine in alhassa, I went but without the passion to study so my grades started to declined , I went back to home and cried. I always blame myself by saying to myself you are so stupid it’s your fault you shouldn’t cancel your application I fell stress. Recently, I begin to thought that blaming wont led me to any solution I need to take it easy , and try to be a self-sufficient person, and try to find some reasons to love my major, so I can led myself to success and savor every moment in my
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