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How to make a collage When hearing "make a collage", I am really excited because today I can do it in hand in a workshop with my classmates, not doing it by online software as I often do. Making a collage likes a game with emotion and creation in it. This is my twice, so I have some experience in making it. There are several things we need to consider. First step is preparation. We cannot make a collage without any materials. For example; we can bring colorful papers, newspaper, fabric, etc, whatever stuff. Remember that the more materials we have, the more creative and diverse our collage is. Luckily, the teacher supports basic materials for us like hard cover, paint, painting brushes, glue, etc. Then, we set up a long table and gather all materials on it for everyone uses. Having an idea for our collage at the beginning or not is not a big deal. Just do it based on what we have on the table, then the idea will come out to mind. For me, I had the theme for my college. The first thing I do is I choose the background color to accommodate to the theme in my imagination. After that, I think about the material: I should paint or stick the colorful paper on. I recognize that I need a steady color for the background, so I make decision to pick colorful paper and glue it on the hard cover. Next step is really important, I focus on the main theme that is about my club at school named "We Talk". I select the green for the word "We Talk ". Actually, most members in WeTalk love green and this color can show dynamics and friendliness. I'm very bad of drawing, so I decided to cut green fabric into small pieces in a free way, and glue them become the word " We Talk " on the top middle of the template. In the halfway, I complete with the word "We Talk ". There are a lot spaces left on the template. I plan to have pictures to highlight the

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