Make A Case For First Past The Post? Essay

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Make a case for First Past the Post (25 marker) The First Past The Post system is the electoral system that we use in the u when voting for MPs in the house of commons and therefore the party who the majority of the country wants running the country and being the one hand it results in a strong reliable government most of the time however on the other hand it is less democratic and discriminates against the 3rd and new parties. First Past the Post system is not PR; the winning party under the first past the post system is over represented, the winner might get less percentage of the votes and a higher proportion of seats. For example in 2005 only 35% of the population voted for Labour, however they got 55% of seats in the House of Commons. The losing parties end up being under represented in the FPTP system. This is especially true to the third party the Liberal Democrats, they are continuously under represented. The 3rd party in the 2010 election in the uk the 3rd party got 25% of the vote but this only resulted in 25 seats this means that their votes were spread to thinly over each constitutes and may have come 2nd or 3rd in each constituency which means that the voters that voted in those areas votes were wasted because they do not win anything for coming second. FPTP is more unlikely for extremist party’s to win seats in the House of Commons, thus stopping them from coming into power. This is because FPTP favors the first and the second party because they have the most voters spread across the country and that means that they win more constitutes and therefore more seats. Labour had 27.6% of the vote giving those 209 seats in the commons and the Liberals had 25.4% of the vote giving those 23 seats in the commons and the BNP for example fail to win any seats and Nick Griffin the leader of the BNP party came forth in his constituent therefore
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