Majority Rule With Respect To Minority Right

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 Majority Rule with Respect to Minority Rights Majority rule with respect to minority right is the basic foundation of which the United States Constitution was formed on. On the exterior, the principles of majority rule with respect of individual and minority rights would seem contradictory. However, these values are equal support to the foundation that defines a democratic government. The following essay will explain the concepts of majority rule, with respect to minority rights. It will also discuss how this concept is incorporated into the U.S. Constitution and explain its importance in the American government and policy. To better comprehend the concept of majority rule and minority rights we need to examine the meanings of each. The concept of majority rule is defined as a set of guidelines by which the larger mass of an organized group (majority) has authority to make choices and decisions that are mandatory on all in the group; meaning that the guidelines will be determined by what the majority of what the people decide. (Greensburg & Page, 2007).While this majority has the upper hand in law making, the constitution was set up to ensure that the rights of minorities be protected despite of race, sex, religious belief or sexual preference. The next concept- minority rights are the essential rights ascribed to particular minority groups to guarantee that they receive and maintain equal opportunities and fairness. Also allowing the minority to have a say in political decisions and law making even when the majority prevails over them. (Greensburg & Page, 2007). These two concepts have a distinctive relationship in our government even though they seem contradictory of each other; they were designed to promote what the majority decided while protecting the rights of minorities. There are many examples of the basic principles of majority rule, with

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