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The Effect of Majority Rule Society by and large is governed by the rule of the majority. And such a rule can often times have an overbearing disregard for its under-represented citizens. Time and again, the majority often uses a scientific approach to undermine the value and quality of minority life, as seen during the Third Reich in Nazi Germany. Therefore the 1960’s was no exception to the trend. This was the case with Martin Duberman, as he expressed it in detail in his memoir, Cures: A Gay Man’s Odyssey. The majority in this instance is heterosexuality, which is automatically dubbed as normalcy. Thus homosexuality was deviant and in essence deemed pathological. The rule of the majority is domineering insofar as the minority group is kept oppressed and in turn divided. This is seen in Cures, where Duberman shows us the adverse effect of the domineering majority on homosexuals, how oppressed he and fellow homosexuals were, and how the homophobic atmosphere created intrapersonal issues, which in turn kept them divided. Duberman grew up attracted sexually only to men, as was evidenced by his masturbation fantasies and his inability to fornicate with women. He had hoped, when he was younger, that the phase would wash over as suggested by the psychiatric prediction, which excused ‘homosexual’ behavior among boys as an “expected even necessary prelude to achieving (heterosexual) identity” (Duberman14). However, it never did. Aware of the day’s definition of homosexuals as stunted human beings whose libidinal impulses had been tapered early in adolescence, Duberman refused to take up the gay label. Much in the same way African Americans learned to be subservient and not to rise above their post as a result of generations of oppression, Duberman would not be honest with himself. He remained under the radar. Just as Duberman was unnerved at being exposed as less than

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