Major Reasons of Decline of Communal Life Essay

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MA112 – Calculus II - 2012 Assignment 1 Solutions Due Tuesday 14th August at 2pm (in the Instructors office in Japan Pacific ICT building, level 3 in room A09) Students must submit their assignments as a group, which should be made up of three students who are enrolled in MA112. Each student should attempt the entire assignment independently in the first instance. This should be done during the week after the assignment has been distributed. As each part of this assignment covers various sections from the unit it is important that each student attempts all questions. The purpose of group work is to give students an opportunity to work together as a team by discussing their solutions with fellow students. Under no circumstances should each student in the group attempt only part of the assignment. •   • When all students in the group have attempted all questions, the group should meet to discuss their solutions. The group should then meet again and write up a single final version for submission, with this cover sheet. The answers should be hand written unless specified otherwise [only hard copies will be accepted. Students are encouraged to type out their work.] Oral quizzing can be conducted by the instructor to test student’s contribution. Each student in the group will receive the mark allocated for that assignment. Please fill in all the information below carefully. All students signing below certify that they have contributed to the attached work and are happy to receive the same mark. Each student should indicate the percentage contribution he/she has made to the assignment. If the group members agree that each student has contributed equally then ‘equal contribution’ should be written in this space. Student 1 Surname First Name ID Number % Contribution Signature This assignment is worth 7% and is marked out of 35. Penalties apply as follows: Incorrect
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