Major Incidents Report on Three Disasters in the Uk

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Hannah Ball Task 2A Major Incidents Mark Beddow To: The Regional CSEPO From: Hannah Ball Subject: Description of 3 disasters from the UK. I am writing this report to propose a description the causes on three different incidents; Kings Cross Fire, Boscastle Floods, and the 7/7 bombings, also how depending on the incident at which level it is graded by the selected public control room. I will also talk about the effect in which the particular incidents have had on people, communities and the environment followed by the wider impacts the incident may have caused. The initial actions, roles and responsibilities of the key services such as police, fire and ambulance service at the incidents will be included. I will look at the necessity of scene preservation and the service provisions of specialist units at emergency incidents as part of an incident investigation. I will look at each incident separately. Starting with Kings Cross then Boscastle and then the 7/7 bombings. Kings Cross Deaths: 31 Injured: 60 What the incident was graded? It was graded a very minor call when first reported. It was graded a D of London Fire Brigade with one pump being sent as information came in. the police graded it as a routine fire and didn’t see it as life threatening or major threat to property. It was then changed to a grade A as the incident got worse. There was no classification of major incident sin 1987 but by referring it to today’s classifications I would have started at a level 1 and finished at a level 2 due to deaths, injury, property damage and disruption. Where is took place? The devastating fire took place on 18th November 1987 on the underground rail system in London on stations knows as Kings Cross. It is a major interchange on the London underground which consisted of two parts which (since the fire has been

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