Major Factors Behind the Rise in Child Abuse Essay

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There are three main factors behind the rise in child abuse. First one is the problem that the parents have. Misunderstand about the child abuse, abuse chain and parents’ psychology sometimes causes the oppression. Second one is the problem that the children have. The children who have the character that difficult to treat or some physical trouble can sometimes abused by their parents. Third one is the problem in the environment. The family isolated from the society or the family which has economical problem might have the trouble of maltreatment. The cause of child abuse exists in our own backyard. In these days, the affairs of child abuse have been often reported by several media. The range that can be dealt by the government and the law is limited though "Child abuse prevention law" was made at last in recent years. It is not possible to deal with this problem without the understanding of the essence of the cause no matter how the law is maintained. Why does child abuse occur? There are three main factors behind the rise in child abuse: problems of the parents, of the children, and those in the environment. Let’s begin with the problems that the parents have. In most cases of child abuse, the causes are on parents' sides. Mistaken ideas are one of them. There are many misunderstandings about child abuse. For example, most people think that child abuse is caused by stepparents. In stories such as Snow White or Cinderella, the people who persecute the heroines are their stepmothers. Surprisingly, however, real parents tend to abuse their children more than stepparents do. In 2000, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said that over 80% of child abuse is perpetrated by the children’s real parents. Moreover, three fourths of abused children are hurt by their real mothers. This misconception is often the result of another mistake idea: the child
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