Major Events in Usa Essay

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Major events in our country and around the world tend to have economic advantages for some segments of society and disadvantages for others. Determining who benefits can be tough for negative events, but it's especially important in order to prevent the unscrupulous from capitalizing on them. Consider the following events and trends, and determine possible winners and losers from an economic standpoint: a. The Hurricane Katrina b. The influx of illegal immigrants in the U.S. c. The 30% U.S. high school dropout rate d. The aging population in the U.S., Europe, and China e. The rising price of oil worldwide a. The Hurricane Katrina The people that lived their live there are the ones that losers. Because they lost just about everything. The winners are clothes manufacturers, companies that make soap, construction companies. These are just a few examples. People will have to go out a bunt all new clothes form department stores that will raise their prices (supply and demand). b. The influx of illegal immigrants in the U.S. The losers is this situation would be the unemployed (ones that will work any job) workers are missing out because since the immigrants are not citizens. They can work below minimum wage. The winners are the people that hire them. Low pay, no benefits and they can work as many hours as they want them to work. c. The 30% U.S. high school dropout rate The losers in this would be the kids dropping out, the school system, society. The kids are losing because most of them don’t have anyone telling them that they can be more than just a dropout. The school system is losing out on funding they would normally get if the students stayed in school. And the higher the dropout rate for the school no parent would want their kids going there. Society loses out because there missing out on future doctors, teachers, political figures and other
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